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Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen Empty Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen

Post by Unisus on Thu Feb 05, 2015 12:16 pm

I guess there are many people out there who already think about neat expansions for Fallen.

On BGG someone had the idea to make story cards where the challenges' outcomes affect the path the hero takes. At the moment i'm trying to design some variants of this which would fit with the actual story cards.

My best shot at this at the moment is a double-card story consisting of two cards with the sides (a), (b), (c) and (d).

Side (a) looks like the front of a normal story card. You have an introduction, a first choice for the hero with a challenge, then a second choice for the hero with another challenge. Now, depending on the second choice of the hero, the story continues on one of the other three sides (b), (c) or (d). These look like the back of a normal story card, but instead of the hero choosing a path, the first challenge here (the third for that story card) is determined by the outcome of the second challenge. The second challenge on this side (the final challenge for this story card) is then determined by the outcome of that challenge. Then there comes the aftermath with additional possible rewards (and 4 instead of 3 different resolutions).

Just an example:


The hero enters a hall he has to cross and notices some big creature sleeping a good deal away to his right.
Decision: Sneak through the hall or Approach the sleeping creature

1. challenge:

Sneak: As the hero is halfway through the hall, the creature stops snoring and moves slightly.
Decision: Hide behind a pillar or Dash for the exit

Approach: As the hero comes closer, the creature suddenly opens its eyes, staring at the hero.
Decision: Dash for the exit or Slay the creature

2. Challenge:

Hide: The hero hides behind a pillar and listens to the creature sniffing and moving, looking for a way to get to the exit unseen. Continue at (b)
Dungeonlord wins: Spotted by the creature
Hero wins: Way through the shadows

Dash: The hero runs for the other side of the hall, hoping to leave the creature behind. Continue at (c)
Dungeonlord wins: Overtaken by the creature
Hero wins: Extending the lead

Slay: The hero draws his weapon to kill the creature. Continue at (d)
Dungeonlord wins: Taken by surprise
Hero wins: Drawing first blood


1. (3.) Challenge:

Spotted: The creature closes in while the hero tries to distract it.
Dungeonlord wins: Cornered by the creature
Hero wins: Halfway through the exit

Way: The hero tries to move as silently as possible, while the creature searches for him.
Dungeonlord wins: Halfway through the exit
Hero wins: Slam the door

2. (4.) challenge:

Cornered: The hero has to attack the creature to make his way to the door.
Dungeonlord wins: Battered
Hero wins: Getting off cheaply

Halfway: The hero has to outrun the creature.
Dungeonlord wins: Getting off cheaply
Hero wins: In the nick of time

Slam: The hero has successfully left the hall and brought the door between himself and the creature
Dungeonlord wins: In the nick of time
Hero wins: Too quick for you


Battered: The hero escapes after taking a beating. 1XP (maybe here an additional wound)

Getting: The hero reaches the exit with the creature on his heels, slashing for him. 2XP

In: The hero jumps through the exit, and slams the door. 2XP

Too: The hero has no problems to shut the door and close the latch. 3XP

(c) and (d) analogical for the Dash and Slay options.

It's not really that worked out, just a sketch of how it could work.


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Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen Empty Re: Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen

Post by WTG - Tom Green on Thu Feb 05, 2015 12:54 pm

A story card based on win/lose outcomes was an idea we tried early-to-mid- way through development, somewhat similar to what you've proposed here. The issue we found was that there is only so much room on a story card, so after the first choice, the challenges became all result based. This worked narratively, as the story could focus in on how the results of the win or loss flowed. But this led to much fewer choices on the Hero's part.

It felt like there was a choice at the beginning, and then you were just along for the ride. Once you were along for the ride, players had no control over what type of challenges were ahead, which became frustrating and added to the luck factor. We decided to go with the route of more player choice and less outcome based.

Don't get me wrong. It sounds fun to have a win/lose branching story card, but in practice, it fell flat. "Because you lost that challenge, now you have to hide. it's agility". "Ok. You won that challenge so the next one is Crack Open the Door. Roll strength.". With the Hero player just going along and rolling what he's told without any direct input.


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Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen Empty Re: Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen

Post by Unisus on Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:25 pm

Actually there could be something inbetween, that would keep the hero involved as well as make the path dependable from the outcome of the challenges, without having a stack of cards for what's now just one story card:

In my example above, the hero makes two decisions, and then the game is run by the results of the challenges. But it shouldn't be so difficult (will be my next approach) to exchange the 2. and 3. challenge in a way that the 2. challenge is triggered by the result of the 1., and the 3. challenge (the 1. of the next cardside) is chosen by the hero. That way the hero's decision lasts only for two challenges, and that is something we have already at least once on most of the cards.


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Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen Empty Re: Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen

Post by StormbringerGT on Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:03 pm

I have an idea for the next expansion...

More of everything. I am for sure looking forward to new game mechanics. Can;t wait to see whats around the bend.

But I for one want to see more content in general. More story cards, more monsters (maybe specific to Dungeon Lords) More Heroes, more Treasure just more content. Smile


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Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen Empty Re: Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen

Post by Malanic on Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:11 am

I too am definitely in favor of more dungeon lord/ hero specific treasures/omens and monsters.

Especially when it comes to the feeling like each character is different. Ive noticed, that the {base game (the kickstart ones feel entirely different to play as, same with the characters as each have own distinct mechanics)} dungeon lords do feel slightly different with the forge master having augments, and ogre king having his brute force etc. however the base game characters feel abit lacking. Sure there unique power cards give them abit of a difference but when i play as Morace I feel like i sohuld have more spell like abliities things going on, Ranek should have more sneakbased skills (or some high risk high reward abilites) and seroth feel more of a fighter (maybe with some martial abilites). Maybe something like, as well as skill cards that can be leveled. You can introduce ability cards too that you can choose to spend surges on to do various things. So for example, Morace could have a fireball ability that allowed her to add a blue dice in strength based checks or Rank could have a backstab ability that allowed him to add a red dice but must take a wound and Sobeth could have a berserkers fury that allowed him to swap out a blue dice for a red dice. Just something like that.


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Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen Empty Re: Brainstorming - new ideas for Fallen

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