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Post by WTG - Tom Green on Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:33 am

Several months ago we offered a sale of the Expansion Bundle + Outlands bonus pack at 15% off. After the sale ended until today, several folks ordered the Expansion Bundle at full price but possibly under incorrect information.

When the sale ended, we removed the sale price and any mention of the Outlands bonus pack from the website, but the Outlands pack was accidentally left in the webstore's text description when people placed their order. Several customers asked whether or not the bonus pack was included in their order as the information was confusing. So for anyone who placed their order at full price after the sale ended, you will receive the Outlands bonus pack since it was part of the bundle's description when you ordered.

As of today, we've removed any reference of the Outlands bonus pack from the store. Any future orders from today and on will not include the Outlands pack, though we have plans to offer it for sale in the future.

Sorry for any confusion.

Tom Green
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