Domain Cards - Cursed Sands Expansion

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Domain Cards - Cursed Sands Expansion

Post by Hemlock on Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:03 pm

Just wondering what's behind the idea of Domain Cards.

Was it considered necessary to give the Dungeon Lord a little boost, or seen as another way to keep each game unique and fresh?

Do the Hero's loot tokens offset the added advantage given to DLs via the Domain Cards?


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Re: Domain Cards - Cursed Sands Expansion

Post by WTG - Tom Green on Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:14 pm

Hi Hemlock,

We have always been looking for ways to let the Dungeon Lord have more control over his dungeon, and Domain cards fit the bill. They are an easy way to let the Dungeon Lord color the setting of a Story card's location thematically and give the player another choice in affecting the game mechanics.

Same thing with loot. Who doesn't want more loot in a dungeon game? We tried to add a gold mechanic, but it felt forced. An easy token drawn that provides a one-time effect to help the Hero out worked well and seemed unobtrusive to the rest of the game, as well as rewarding Heroes who slay a lot of creatures.

Balance wise, the two new mechanics balance each other out (or that's the intent, loot is one of the last items to get finalized and still needs some tuning as it's a little strong right now). The concept is you can include both, or give one mechanic to the less veteran player of the game to give them an edge, or leave them out if you don't want to add any additional mechanics to the core game to keep things running quickly.

WTG - Tom Green

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